Casa Colori



Our success lies with our persistent requirement to understand the individual needs of clients, both the practical and design aspects.

When working with clients our main aim is to understand their likes and requirements, to create the perfect home for them. We achieve this, by involving them in every stage of the design process.

We provide our services throughout the UK and we can offer a fully integrated service by introducing our clients to a great range of traders, suppliers and architects with whom we have previously worked.


A Message from our Founder, Silvia Ciferri


My name is Silvia Ciferri and I founded the Glasgow-based interior design firm, Casa Colori, in 2014. As a qualified biologist, my passion for interior design was utterly unknown to me until I bought my first flat! I had purchased what could be described as a typical, ex- rental, magnolia flat. Seeing the potential in the property, I thought that “a splash of colour here and there will make it look beautiful” and set about renovating the flat, leading me to find my inner passion for interior design.

Feeling inspired after the completion of my new home, I bought another flat to redecorate and eventually rent out. From then, I went on to study interior design at Inchbald School of Design and KLC School of Design in London.

Having spent time living in France and in Italy, I have been inspired by the styles of the two countries, allowing me to bring their influences into each new project I undertake.

My style has been described as modern, practical, airy and relaxing, but colourful enough to be uplifting.

What is really important to me is to achieve a sense of space, maximising natural light, being adventurous with colours and furthermore emphasising art.

Wishing you all the best!